Turmoil Men’s And Boys All New looks Sports Design Adjustable Length Black Dial Stainless Steel Chain Analog Watch – For Men

Price : INR 1299 Turmoil watches are made with high accuracy and precision. Well trained man power equiped with latest technology machinery works to attain best quality and superior performance. Turmoil watches have to pass through quality check test before coming to the market. Long lasting quality and stylish design make Turmoil watches unique which…

Feather And Leaf

Majority of the Students in India believe, Peacock feathers are very lucky and by keeping the peacock feathers in the books increases memory and also increases the concentration power.

Mamma mia!

This word is just like a substitute word for ‘Oh God’, used in a similar manner. People do not think to God when they say oh my God.

One Liner

SPITTING could be banned in football when sport returns in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus as FIFA’s chief medic calls for yellow cards to be handed out for unhygienic behaviour.


Rehearsal is a cognitive process in which information is repeated over and over as a possible way of learning and remembering it.

Stacy’s Room

I wish I had a magic wand…If wishing could make things happen, then even the most destitute people would have everything they wanted.