Human values are like cover of a book or they can be compared with walls and ceilings of a well built home. Like a house built on a good foundation human character is built on a foundation of family values that are passed on from generation to generation.

A child learn to respect elders, shows empathy and love towards others. When I grew-up close to the family these qualities reflected automatically in me.

The true test of character is when a teenager stays away from family for pursuing studies. I always felt that one can shield themselves by building a strong wall of religious values like Service, Thankfulness, Compassion, Endurance, Creativity, Justice, Peace and Wisdom.

Just like Music and Clothing Human values evolve. Choosing the right lifestyle will help achieve our goal in life.

Take the example of Butterfly.

While in the form of a caterpillar, these bugs only goal is to eat and grow, gaining the nutrients they need to ultimately become a butterfly. They have no way of reproducing as caterpillars, which is why they must morph into another species to continue their cycle of life.

As an adult butterfly, these insects can begin their mating and egg laying stage. Compared to their caterpillar lives, they also enjoyed the added benefit of being able to travel long distances quickly.

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