A Closer Look At Comic Book

Invasion of television channels have faded the familiarity of colorful comic books which were once the pastime for elders and for many children it was like a week day reminder alarm. Colours are not sole proprietorship of celebrities. We have close association with colours from childhood.

I am fascinated by the wonderful sight of rainbow that appear on sky after a rain. In fact, it could be the reason for my habit of reading comic books.

In my childhood days I had few comic books in my native language as my favourite. The characters I liked are very much noticeable in physical aspects as well as clothing. I read and liked the most were police and detective characters.

Colours in a comic book, as many might have not given attention to is not just a random pick from a palette. In fact, there is a science to how colours are used in your favorite comic. Colour inks are used in a way that it gives best ever reader experience.

The most traditional color scheme is Black Vs White, with the darker colour usually symbolizing evil. However, overtime, this has evolved to include more colors.

Some comic characters have changed their colours over the years. But the close bond they have with the readers have not changed whatsoever

Next-time, when you meet your friend who has just had his hair coloured try to figure out the mood he is in.

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