A Wise Crow

In tamil there are lot of proverbs and sayings that teaches lessons through animals and birds. There is one saying that shows the character of a miserly person.

“எச்சிற் கையால் காக்கை ஓட்டாதவன் பிச்சை கொடுப்பானா?”

I do not know the origin of this saying. From the expression it looks like it was originated from ancient village. Ancient times the houses were build of mud and thatched roof. And a small verandah like structure is built outside the house to give access to open-air.

Lot of old architectural designs shows ancient designs with a compound wall and inside the compound walls few mud houses with a central courtyard.

People use the verandah for many activities like dining, playing and do their business activities.

Now coming back to the old tamil saying. It says a miser is such a character that he will not use his hands to scare off a crow that annoys him while eating. He feels if he does so then the food particles in his hands will fall and the crow might eat them.

This blog is about a wise crow that saved his friend from being called a miser by his neigbours. A crow visit this man’s courtyard daily and watches everyone in the compound.

This man never gives anything to poor but he works very hard to earn his money. One day this crow comes to the courtyard with a piece of meat. Within few minutes it gathered a bunch of crow and they all shared the meat.

And the neighbours when they came out from their houses they assumed the hard working man has feed the crow. This way the wise crow saved his friend.

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