Lot of stories have been written on Father & Son Love. In India many movies from different languages have showed Father & Son relationship. But, not many script writers used Chocolate sentiments to show Father & Son relationship in Indian Movies.

Indian Kids are raised with a fear of losing their teeth by eating chocolate. Chocolates are not consumed largely in India. Countries that top the list are Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland.

You may not find many Chocoholics around you, but if you ask people surely they will tell you what their favourite chocolate.

And many kids carry the memory with them and even after becoming old they don’t forget the moment, the place, the people with whom they shared chocolate.

Like there are not too many Chocoholics in India, there are also not many people with psychic abilities. But, every human at some point of time might have experienced psychic phenomena.

Every Father would like their kid to be brave and act wisely on different situations. There are lot of stories and real life incidents that are available online or youtube, that may tell you how peoples psychic power has helped them. There are also stories which tells about people losing jobs because of their psychic powers.

I thought about writing this blog as I came across an interesting Game “The Medium” available for download. The Medium is a dual-reality third-person psychological horror game.

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RRP : $45.09 SP : $39.59 Discount : -12%

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