Do it yourself

One advertisement read like this – Order items from your cozy living room and get delivery at your doorstep.

Who wouldn’t order the product if the store offer a discount and has lot of designs and variations in colour .

If you goto a store and buy a product, you bargain on the price and may get it at a lower price. In online market places the products are offered at discounted price.

Being said this, any outsider who is not in the online business would think that online platform is a better place for sellers. But, in reality the state of online market is in turmoil.

Not all the sellers can be blamed for this. Returns from buyers have become like a habit that they are inevitable. This is in spite of providing very precise product specifications.

Products of different kind from a simple design to a mechanically sophisticated designs are available with their specifications.

After browsing for different products on online markets, I came to a conclusion that online market is not a good place if you are buying product for someone else.

Just this simple device sold on Amazon India will tell you why I have said so. People tend to forget that there are people who are habitual left handers.

This ice cream scoop seller has provided specification that this is made of heavy grade aluminum material and constructed for both right and left hand use.

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