Feather And Leaf

Many people have the habit of storing feathers and leaf inside the books…

Growing plants was an extracurricular in my school and all the students have participated in this activity. Other than that there were few other activities were very few students were involved..I have noticed students storing feathers inside books..But never really asked anybody why they are doing so..I do not remember I might have done anything like that, may be because it was not a part of extracurricular activity.

What is the difference between a novel and a comic book..When you pick up a novel from a supermarket and flip through few pages and try to find what is there inside, you may not understand the content inside the book..

But if you pick up a comic book and open few pages without even reading the stuff inside you will understand what it is about. The artful images and the characters in the pages will tell you what type of comic book it is.

Most young people when they purchase comic books they keep them in their reading table for few days or may be even for few months. Some may even share them with friends.

When you take a comic book in hand and have a look at the number of pages and the quality of the pages it has, you may tell that it does not have good quality papers and the papers are also so thin that a 60-70 pages comic book looks like a 30 pages book. Still people like to keep them with other collectible items and store them as a valuable thing.

In cities you may not find very spacious houses but in countryside the houses are built with many rooms and the comic books along with other valuable books may find their place in the basement of the house.

Very interesting tip about storing comic books..

If you are planning to be a comic book collector this tip may help you. Comic books should always be stored standing upright and not on bookshelf. This is because the comic book papers are binded together with staples. Therefore a stack of comic book will always be asymmetrical and creates uneven distribution in weight may change the shape as time passes.

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