Records say that Video Games are been around since 1970s. I bought a Video Game Player to play a Game Cassette on my TV Set. Installation and setup took some time. But everything was fine and the game started on the TV Set.

It was an old version of a game and the playing instructions were only about using the command buttons.

The game started with a TV screen showing a Man lost in a forest looking for a way to find the exit.

Game strategy was not explained in the manual. With a few command button clicks here and there I found the exit. Game is over.

Today the Gaming has changed a lot.

I have read in books the survival tips in a forest. With these basics – Remain Calm, Stay in One Place, Find Shelter, Make a Fire, Find a Water Source and Forage for Food programs are developed with high level graphics and sound effects to run on computers. A guide is given by the gaming company for the user to understand the situations and the commands to help him at any stage of the game.

Even this level of gaming require huge amount of computer hard-drive space and a high-end processor, memory card and graphic card.

Cloud Gaming is the next level in the Gaming Industry that is going to emerge soon. Google, Microsoft and other big gaming companies are racing to make video games as easy to stream movies on Netflix.

Microsoft’s ProjectXcloud and Google Stadia promise to allow people play the games on smartphones, tablets, internet connected TVs and other devices. Many people will play the new games as it wont cost higher to purchase necessary hardware.

Players wont have to wait a long time for downloading and installing.

The global video game streaming market is predicted to grow by 27% a year between 2018 and 2026.

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