Imported Software

Our desire for imported items have not changed. It’s because we always need a change.

Some kids when they sit for study time they wait for their neighbor’s foreign clock to make that melodious chime announcing it’s time to go to bed. When I was a small boy I was fascinated by the music of foreign clocks.

This blog I am writing today is to ask the reader their opinion on ideas of having imported software and imported knowledge.

I remember the battery size that powered old clocks. They were big compared to the smaller battery cells available today. As a clock owner I know how long I will be using the clock and even if the battery design changes, there will be always a universal type battery cell that can be used for few more years.

But for software which are to be used lifelong this approach may not be helpful. From vacuum tube computers to silicon chip computer the technology has changed very fast and the software codes to run these computers are also developed in the same pace.

World is moving towards the next level of technological advancement and researchers are saying Graphene could be the answer for that. These material have ability to make computer 1000 times faster and could also make computer tiny.

For people working in small software organization this blog is a eye opener. Keep a eye on all organization decisions and try to interpret the company’s advancement steps.

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