Loyal Customers

Big companies try to establish brand loyalty rather than spending on seeking new customers.

Loyal customers show their loyalty towards a brand and pay premium price for the product even if there are similar products available at a lower price.

In return, the company gives the loyal customers the benefits like good customer service, quality products, offers on new products and other seasonal benefits.

I have this experience of dealing with loyal customers. As a technical support professional and as a seller on online market places I never missed an opportunity to provide the support the customers or buyers deserve.

I am dealing in a home appliances product brand. Each product is not only unique in design and colour but the carton supplied by the manufacturer is also so speacial and unique that it reminds ancient architecture. One such brand model has ruins of a Roman amphitheatre and a pair of boots on it’s carton.

roman amphitheater

These strategies not only bring the customers back again to that particular model but also would make them stick to the brand as he may be given the options to select variations within a product category by the manufacturer.

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