Mamma mia!

End time or last moment of an soldier’s life and especially the last words spoken by a soldier or the last scream will tell you the true character of that soldier.

Many blogs are found on internet about this topic. One such blog with ‘War Comics’ images says a British soldier is stoic, brave and would always breath his last with a dignified ‘UGH’ or sometimes,if surprised, with a ‘AAGH!’.

Some soldiers, especially Nazis die harder, their customary AARRGH!’ or ‘UURRGH!’ indicates their guttaral nature of their language and even as they die, the Nazis, are still inherently arrogant- the ‘AARGH!’ is an expression to show outrage.

This blog I am writing does not have any connection with this topic. This blog is about an Italian one word used to express different feelings.

Mamma mia …

It’s an Italian word to express strong feeling . Like used when expressing annoyance, fatigue, fear, etc.

What does mamma mia mean in Italian?

I use Google Translation for translation of global languages.

A sentence to express surprise in Italian language ‘Mamma mia, che bello questo quadro!’ is translated here in English – ‘Mamma mia, how beautiful this painting is!’. Undoubtedly, this is a expression to show surprise.

Another sentence to express Joy -‘Mamma mia, che bello Notizia!’ which is translated ‘Mamma mia, what a beautiful News!’.

Hope we get more and more such beautiful news from Italy their neigbouring European countries and other Coronavirus affected countries soon.

Some internet sources says this word is in use since 1860.

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