One Liner

Like Hanuman Tail the curfew and social distancing in India and many other countries are extended. It’s a wise decision.

Even in the story of Hanuman, it says, when Ego uses all the tricks to burn down will (tail), the will gets stronger and stronger, and finally ego is destroyed.

With curfew imposed in many parts of the city, the long queue which is part of city life is replaced by queue with restrictions of Social distancing. And this restrictions are only in health care centers and grocery stores as Malls, Cinema theaters and Transportation Systems are under complete shutdown.

Now, since wearing masks are made compulsory “Do Not Spit” signs have become a one-liner joke.

In sports also the players could be booked by referees for spitting. FIFA’s Medical Committee chairman has warned the players to change the mannerism on the pitch for health and safety reasons.

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