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Any new process introduced in a system will face resistance as well as support. 

Recently, Mumbai City which works 24/7 came to a halt after a grid power failure. As usual, like any other rail shutdown, passengers had to walk on the track to reach their destination. This shows the support Mumbaikar’s give to the railway system.

Any alternate transportation would have made the travel more comfortable, but people resist change, as they believe spending more would be like living beyond your means.

I read a blog on Gaming and it’s about ‘how online gaming evolved in the past decade‘.

The blogger begins by saying that the challenges, barrier, and techniques are limited in offline games and they are predictable. Which makes the traditional offline game enjoyable only in the first few days of Gaming and once you understand the tactics and risks, you don’t experience the same level of excitement.

The blogger further adds that the real gaming is on playing online. Where you play against real human and the response you get from them are very distinct to identical situations.

It is human tendency to adopt innovation. Blockchain technology introduced in financial sector has now reached further more to Gaming industry. The Blockchain Industry is more generous towards the Game developers. Through Smart Contracts the Blockchain technology allows developers to regulate the gaming trade.

Now the question is, why Gaming Industry should embrace Blockchain technology when the Industry already has a strong online platform and a centralized infrastructure. 

It is believed that the current gaming platform has been unfair to developers because of it’s complicated revenue sharing model and online frauds and cyber attacks. Because of transparency, the block chain platforms are becoming more favorite among developers, as there are no third-party’s inclusion in the trade.

But, there are also people who believe Blockchain technology as ‘Fool’s gold‘. They prefer traditional offline games or other centralized gaming platforms.

fools gold
fools gold

From an environmentalist or a nature lover perspective – Blockchain technology is not simple as it looks. It has it’s own set of challenges.

Miners face many challenges as the process require a strong cooling system to support the hardware. Building a virtually silent, fan-less environment means to built a system that looks very much similar to Space City Sigma- an Indian science fiction television series aired on Doordharshan in the late 1980s.

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