Paint my left

Anybody looking at the painting of Monalisa will notice the smile on her face and her expression of happiness. But not many would know or try to find why the painter has adopted the left bias.

The left bias in the painting is more common in western portraiture. While painting, artists favored depicting the left cheek of their sitters, particularly when painting women.

This trend has continued and started ruling the Mobile world. A 2017 study showed that when it comes to taking selfies, people tend to angle their smartphone in order to photograph their own left cheek.

Lot of inconclusive theories are found about this. Some say it depends on whether the painter was right or left handed.

Some theories are based on brains visual processing ability of faces. The theory suggests that the brains tendency to perceive the identity of the left half of a centrally viewed face more strongly than that of the right half is associated with visual processing of faces in the right hemisphere.

Wind God

What else can bring smile on face.  A cool wind blowing from the sea during a  summer..Not all the winds bring smile on the face..

Winds can bring both destruction and life. Some winds are feared and some are revered in the land they blow.

Some of the famous winds have names that will surprise you…One such name is Cape Doctor in South Africa.

When the weather gets hot and uncomfortable in summer in Cape Town in South Africa, the locals rely on a doctor to cool them down – the Cape Doctor. A cooling south-easterly wind that blows over Western Cape Province.

It is called by this name because locals believe that it clears Cape Town of pollution and ‘pestilence’ (fatal disease). It is also responsible for Table Mountain’s famous ‘tablecloth’, a huge cloud that hovers on top, draping over the mountainside.


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