We often hear people saying “my celebrity aunt never turn down offers” in the context of accepting invitation for programs.

This is one of the biggest challenge in the life of professionals. And 30 – 40 years back there were no electronic organizer device in use for storing personal data.

But how was this possible? I ponder over this for sometime to get an answer. What makes a professional stage singer different from other professionals.

Rehearsal was the answer I got.

This practice of rehearsing starts from young age of singing professionals and they continue this habit till the end.

An intelligent kid when asked to buy grocery from a shop that is some 100 meters from the house will memorize the list of items in the small paper given by the parents.

The same kid when reaches college, through more practice will develop the mind to accept bigger challenges.

There is a tamil saying – ஐந்தில் வளையாதது ஐம்பதில் வளையாது.

The meaning of this saying is good habits are to be taught earlier in the childhood rather than waiting for the child to become an adult.

By the time you have completed reading this blog you must have come to a conclusion. What your BOSS wants from you.

Your BOSS wants you to remember the grocery list items or take the list with you and hand it over to the shop keeper to fill the grocery bag with the items.

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