Sail through the Sky

The game Cricket is so popular in India that it has been the topic of chat when friends meet or people join together in a rail travel.

The reason for it’s popularity is big prominent players emerged from Indian team and ruled the Game for almost a generation.

Some people go deep into the topic while few others show interest listening to how the discussion goes and if you ask them who their favorite star then they will answer in a strong voice, with a smile and in their native pronunciation the name of the players who are more prominent in the game. Like Sachin Tendulkar, Gavaskar, Saurav, Rahul Dravid..

These few people with little knowledge about the Game are the topic of discussion in this blog..

These people are good observers with the great ability to find what they want with the limited resources they have with them. You can say they have “eye for detail”.


Remember the word star-hoppers and you can give this a nick-name for them. They are the people who travel through the sky and find even the dim light spreading objects in the galaxy.

If you get a chance to meet them again next time in a rail yatra you can find how true it is.

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