Sleeping is not a waste of time

Like a courier person carrying a bag to collect packages during the day human brain collects all information when we are awake.

Sleeping time is the stage where it sorts and process the collected information. This is the time your subconscious mind is actively working and sometimes you get dreams. [Learn to train your subconscious mind]


Here I want to tell you that your subconscious mind is the ocean that is full of information collected in the past through your senses. Depending upon the situation the conscious mind fetches information from this ocean and the brain process them which results in action you perform.

You can also say, a subconscious mind is a horse and the rider is the conscious mind. You can direct and control the subconscious mind through meditation and practicing positivity and goal visualization. [Learn to train your subconscious mind]

This example will tell you what I meant to say.

You walk by a lottery ticket shop and while trying to pick-up a lottery ticket somewhere from the hidden place in your mind a thought pops-up with a doubt “Will I win the lottery if I choose this number?”

Here this negative thought is clearly an hindrance. Although you are aware of this you acted against your subconscious mind.

Lack of sleep affects the way your brain process information. Most adults need at least seven hours sleep to keep their mind and body in healthy condition.

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