Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pedestrian Street Near Slums

I received a phone call from a friend of mine who stays in the same city as I am. “Where are you?” He asked. I was returning from a Grocery Market when he called me.

My Home is 0.5 KM from the Grocery Market and the street I walk to reach the Grocery Store is a pedestrian only street and is not suitable for Motor Vehicles. Shops that sell mobile phones, bakery, chinese restaurants, medical shops and vegetable shops can be seen on both the sides of this street.

City Street

When you pass through the same street in the night-time when the street is empty the lighting in the street will give you an essence of the locality. The scarce street light is a testimonial of the number of houses that shares the power utility.

I live in a multistoreyed apartment but majority of the people are slum dwellers who use the same kind of appliances in a small hut and utilize same amount of electricity.


All these decades I have never witnessed monsoon arriving late. With the arrival of Monsoon, new problems also come with the rain. Water leakage through the roof are a major problem for the slum-dwellers during the rainy season. When rain arrives, one can see people climbing their roof and spreading the tarpaulin sheet.

Aerial view of tarpaulin sheets over the hut roof with stones placed above them gives look of water strider insect. Though nobody will appreciate stagnant water in front of their sight, but the water strider like symbol makes me feel that it could be a method used by slum-dwellers to seek God’s divine protection.

I have seen Water striders in the water canals in villages. These water striders does not allow Mosquitoes to breed.

Surely, the biblical woman Lydia might have come to your mind after reading this blog. The story of Lydia explains the reader about the wealth of the business woman Lydia and type of business activities took place in the city named Thyatira.

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