Social Isolation

There are talks about secret societies going viral on youtube and other internet media. Most of them are about the Coronavirus spread and the connection with a secret society.

How far this is true, nobody knows. But, one thing is sure these kind of accusations are a result of lack of spiritual awareness.

On a normal day- you develop a clairalience and you smell a chicken curry your grandma prepared years ago. How you will react? You will tell your wife, brother or sister that something is being prepared in our neighbors kitchen. It smells so pleasant!!

Now Chicken supply shops are closed coronavirus scare is everywhere- Now, again you develop a clairalience and you smell a chicken curry. Reaction will not be the same as earlier. You have been socially isolated and you will start thinking “Am I started developing a spirit of a snake or any other animal that smells chicken??”

I will tell you what my elders and spiritual teachers have taught me – Read God’s words and do not be afraid. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Interesting thing I wanted to share here. While writing this blog a question arose in my mind.. Do all snakes eat chicken? I got answer in this link…”Most snakes too small to be predators of adult chickens. Instead, they tend to be predators of eggs and young chicks.”

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