Southpaw – word origin

I came across a news article about Kris Srikanth which gets a monthly traffic of 130/m.

I became curious as to find what would have made this article so special that it fetches a good traffic. I used the tools available to find the keywords used and I was surprised.

There were no special keywords but the player’s name ‘Shrikanth’ ‘Krishnamachary’ has made this article special. The article was about Krishnamachary Srikanth’ 1983 experience.

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We know his entertaining & dashing batting style. But, what’s great about him was his commentary style that nobody can immitate.

He did not become a sports article writer or a sports expert when he started playing. He traveled a lot before he became a sports expert. To be an expert in any field travelling certainly helps.

The playing conditions and the ground conditions are not the same as compared to 30-40 years before.

old stadium
old stadium

Stadiums today are built in such a way that it protects the player from getting direct exposure to sun. This gives the team selectors to think less about the batsmen or bowler’s batting style.

modern stadium
modern stadium

Earlier time left-handed players and right-handed players were having advantage or disadvantage over their counterparts as Sun light and other playing conditions played a important role in team selection.

Even today also the left handed players are called ‘Southpaw’, the term used in Baseball.

I wouldn’t have become so interested in this word if I had just found this word in any media library Movie label. A movie based on a Boxer is named Southpaw. But I do not show much interest in Boxing.

What made me interested in finding the origin of this word was lot of left-handed players are given preference.

I will show you what I have found about the origin of this word.

The “American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language” cites the conventional wisdom that the word “southpaw” originated “from the practice in baseball of arranging the diamond with the batter facing east to avoid the afternoon sun. A left-handed pitcher facing west would therefore have his pitching arm toward the south of the diamond.”

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