Sydney Cricket Match

Yesterday was quite a eventful day for youtubers and youtube viewers.

Morning started with the news of Trump’s followers storming US Capitol.
Youtube search engine showed all the news channels and news agencies lined-up with their news report.

It would be appropriate to say that the clips shown in the video will remind the US Vice President elect Kamala Harris of her Indian visit in her childhood days.

All the video shows were like a big crowd in a very big railway station, like Chennai station few decade back with big washrooms.

As the day progressed Youtube was crowded with Cricket Followers and enthusiasts who were following Sydney Game. The incident that captured the attention was Indian Pace bowler Mohamad Siraj becoming emotional while the Indian National Anthem was sung.

It was a natural reaction on the part of the Pace Bowler. The second episode of this incident was, after the end of Day 1 he was asked the reason for crying.

Siraj managed to answer like a Fast Bowler.

Street Fight

By asking the question, I feel media tried to portray a cricketer as a Bathroom Singer or may be like youngsters putting arms across each other shoulders engaging in friendly fight without minding the crowd.

Please do not comment, just enjoy cricket in a sporting spirit.

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Sydney Cricket Ground – West Indian Cricketer Brian Lara, popularly nicknamed as “The Prince of Port of Spain” or simply “The Prince”, is the father of a daughter called Sydney (born 1996) whom he fathered with Trinidadian journalist and model Leasel Rovedas. Sydney was named as a tribute to one of Lara’s favourite grounds, the Sydney Cricket Ground, where Lara scored his first Test century—the highly acclaimed 277 in the 1992–93 season.

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