In India monsoon started on time and will end in few days. Sitting in front of Laptop I thought why not use Google to find how the Celebrities hold Umbrella.

I tried to find pictures from different locations, but there is no fixed pattern in holding the Umbrella. It could be because the manufacturer instruction manuals are not provided with the Umbrella.

Man carrying an umbrella

The trend of Men carrying black Umbrella and women carrying colourful fancy Umbrella has not changed. Could this be Superstition?

This year is not so special for Umbrella Sellers. After lockdown announcement, schools are shut and the Umbrella manufacturing business is also affected. Don’t be surprised if the trend reverses or Women also start using larger Umbrella.

Valuable belongings are not just costly watches, jewel sets or costly pens. An Umbrella which cost around 500 – 700 Indian Rupee is also considered a valued belonging and people never like to buy a second Umbrella when they have already bought a new Umbrella at the start of the season.

For this reason they handle the Umbrella with utmost care. Umbrella Care is just like a clown juggling the balls in a circus. Lot of sentiments are attached to it. People take all kind of effort to avoid losing an Umbrella.

Circus Clown

Best idea to keep the Umbrella safe is to choose a height level from the floor. May be knee level, and place them at a suitable surface. In restaurants and other public places chair is the best place as you may find all the chair seat at knee level.

If you practise this habit, like I said earlier, you will be the entertainer in your house.

Look at Kevin O Brien, standing with an Umbrella in one hand and pointing the broken glass of his own Car.

Ireland batsman Kevin O’Brien smashed a monstrous six into his own car window during a domestic T20 match played in Dublin on Thursday .
Smiling Kevin O Brien

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