Wandering stars

This year’s Mumbai monsoon has ended it seems. Today, the sky was clear and morning sky was pleasant to watch as birds were flying in groups.

Mumbai city, as we all know, is surrounded by nature’s beauty. Beautiful beaches, creeks and forest.

Many migratory birds visit the creeks of Mumbai during the Winter.

Gave lot of rest to the body muscles during this Covid-19 and thought walking few kilo-meter will strengthen the weak parts.  So I went for a morning walk.

While returning home, an Old lady standing on the road asked the way to a Political Party office located in our area.

I asked her why she wanted to go to a Political Party office in this early morning. She said, she came to a Market nearby and lost the way.

She stays near the Political Party Office. Her accent sounded like typical north Indian style. She said she is from Allahabad, when I asked her.

I showed her the way to reach her place and I started walking. I was walking at a moderate speed.

To my surprise the old lady did not show any age related weakness in the speed. But, She was closely walking behind me with a disorderly gait due to her age.

Though, this incident made me happy helping a elderly lady, there was a question in my mind. Why old people lose their way.

I was clueless until I found some research articles on Internet.

Researchers have found a possible explanation for the difficulty in spatial orientation experienced sometimes by elderly people.In the brains of older adults, they detected an unstable activity in an area that is central for spatial navigation.

An article in this link has more details.

Spatial orientation is crucial for adapting to new environments and getting from one point to another. Without it, people will walk around in endless circles, never being able find which way they want to go. The brain has a specialized region just for navigating the spatial environment.

I hope this blog was very informative. Thank you for reading.

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